Radon Test Equipment Can Make a Big Difference in the Test Results. Don’t Let an Inaccurate Reading Kill Your Transaction.

 When it comes to measuring radon you have two questions to answer. Do you depend on an inexpensive DIY passive device with a high margin of error?  Or, do you employ a professional radon measurement company? One that’s invested in, and been certified to use, a sophisticated and highly accurate Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)?

    Because we feel the health and well being of our clients is worth the most accurate CRM available we use the Corentium Pro exclusively.  Yes, they are expensive, but we feel spending a few hundred dollars more for each device is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides to our clients.

    The measurement of radon can be completed with many devices ranging from the inexpensive and inconsistent to the expensive and precise. The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP),and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) are two organizations that certify every device used to analyze radon. They also certify measurement and abatement technicians. Our equipment and technicians are all certified by the NRPP.

    On the “low end” of approved devices are activated charcoal canisters that can be purchased for a few bucks at most hardware and big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. However, they must be sent to a lab for the radon level to be determined. Because the half life of radon is only 3.8 days the accuracy of activated charcoal measurement devices is dependent on transit times.  Even then the margin of error is +/- 25%. That means a reading of 4.4 PiC/l, which is above the EPA’s established action level of 4.0 PiC/l, could actually be  3.3 PiC/l which is well below the EPA’s action level for radon reduction.  False positives are frequent deal killers in real estate transactions.

    To date there are over 100 radon measurement devices approved to measure radon gas and radon progeny (the bad stuff). The most accurate and expensive devices are continuous radon monitors that can take radon samples every hour and average them into a meaningful reading in as little as 48 hours. Although all CRM’s can provide short term readings required for a real estate transaction, the margin of error among CRM’s can vary wildly.

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Corentium Pro

The most accurate 100% self-contained Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) available.

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We offer free estimates!  Our performance guarantee is unsurpassed.  We guarantee to lower radon levels to as low as 0.5 pCi/l.  Our competitors won’t guarantee levels below 2.7 pCi/l.  We’d love to show you what makes us different.