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Residential Homes

If you tested your home for Radon and found that the levels were unsafe, our expert team will mitigate your home to get the lowest radon levels possible. If you tested your home and discovered elevated levels of radon, call us to provide you with a no cost proposal. Our system designs guarantee to reduce radon levels to as low as 0.5 pCi/l.

New Construction

Oregon and Washington laws require all new construction to be "radon ready." The best radon systems are the ones that are installed properly by certified mitigation professionals. Let us help you save money, and increase your property's value, with a system designed right by

Commercial Properties

Church, apartment, school, and office buildings often require intricate radon mitigation systems to bring radon down to safe levels. Both children and adults spend many hours in these commercial spaces. They should be tested and mitigated for radon to provide a safe environment for all who spend time within their walls.

Guaranteed Radon Mitigation

How Radon Abatement Works

The greater Portland Oregon metro area has some of the highest radon gas levels in the country. The goal of radon abatement is to trap radon before it enters your home and to give it a path to escape harmlessly into the open air.  Here’s a look at how it works.  

Radon gas is formed in the earth’s crust. It comes into your home through the easiest path possible.  Usually through cracks and openings in the slab, foundation, sump pumps, and crawlspaces.  Another way that radon gas enters a home is through older floor drains not equipped with a trap. It can also enter through collection pits for water overflow, that look like floor drains, but they aren’t attached to any type of plumbing. See picture.

Next, we build a system to draw the radon gas out of the home. Many companies use inexpensive thin wall Schedule 20 PVC pipe. We only use the strongest, most durable  Schedule 40 PVC or ABS piping to suck the radon out of your home. Our systems are designed to be so long-lasting that they come with a “Double Lifetime” guarantee that extends for as long as you own the home… and the next owner.

Radon gas WILL enter your home. A radon abatement system determines where the gas will go. We core a 6″ hole in the slab and then remove up to 15 gallons of dirt from underneath the slab. The amount of material removed might be the single most important step that’s taken. Most mitigators don’t go to this much effort and make up for it with a larger, noisier fan. They then offer an inferior performance guarantee of up to 4.0 pCi/l. By creating a huge”suction pit” under the slab, it gives the radon a place to collect. Our unique abatement designs allow us to offer industry-best performance guarantees down to 0.5 pCi/l.

A radon abatement design is like building an enormous vacuum. We seal the suction pipe into the suction pit. The pipe is then routed to a high-performance radon fan that’s installed outside. (we use sound dampeners at every connection to the house). Additionally, we seal EVERY crack we have access to. Radon can enter a home through a small crack like a fire hose. If you have a finished basement we’ll use our FLIR E8-ET Thermoscanner to search for cracks under the carpet so we can seal any cracks found there. Carpet won’t stop radon gas. Our FLIR scanner will save you the expense of having to pull back the carpets to find those pesky slab cracks.

Every company has a choice of fans to use in their installations. We use the best: PERIOD. Our fans are the quietest, most efficient, and longest-lasting fans available. They’re made in America and come with a 10-year warranty. Every other company offers a 5-year warranty on their Chinese fans unless they charge you more. Our high-efficiency radon fans create a vacuum that draws the concentrated radon gas up and safely away from your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… for decades. A JustRadon.Com radon abatement system adds value to your home.

  • Initial inspection was very professional and Lawrence gave us a variety of options where we could place our radon mitigation system. He told us exactly how the process worked and what to expect. We couldn't be happier with the finished product. Great Work!

    Meredith Cummings Avatar
    Meredith Cummings
  • Was very professional

    j taylor Avatar
    j taylor
  • Just Radon installed a top of the line radon reducer system in my basement. It is quite and the company went the extra mile to make sure everything was done the right way the first time. They also replaced some pillars in my basement at a very fair price. When I look over at the radon system my neighbors have, I am so glad we had Just Radon install ours. It isn't an eyesore in the basement or on the side of the house, in fact if just kind of blends in. I would 100% recommend just radon to friends and family, the company did not disappoint.

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    A Google User

Radon Testing in Portland Oregon

Do you know the radon level in your home?   Are you buying a home and need a radon test?   Are you selling a home and need a radon test? 

We can help!  Our continuous radon measurement devices will provide you an accurate measurement of the radon levels in your home, school or business. 

Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.  Know your level!  The World Health Organization recommends mitigation for any property above 2.7pcl. 

Why Choose Us

We offer free estimates! We don’t just try to get your home below the legal limit, we try to remove the radon to the best of our ability. We’d love to show you what makes us different.​


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Jon Schlitz
Jon Schlitz
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Just Radon installed a Radon system in a home I was selling. They returned my calls and emails, talked me through the process, and provided a nice looking system. Another bidder was going to put the system in full view of people driving up to the home. Just Radon was much more thoughtful about where the system would be located so that it would be out of view. Piping was tight to the house and well installed. I would highly recommend Just Radon.
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Really great work! Took the time to explain the whole system to me. Super friendly. Would recommend to anyone.
 Kellie Petruzzelli
Kellie Petruzzelli
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Lawrence and his partner were great to work with! Very responsive, very professional. Highly recommend. 🙂
Doug Landers
Doug Landers
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As a Real Estate professional it is important that I recommend the best of the industry to my clients...JustRadon is my go to resource for Radon Mitigation. They are simply the best!
 Jasmine Deatherage
Jasmine Deatherage
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I just had a great experience with Lawrence at Just Radon. Very professional and prompt. I got the service and insight I needed. I highly recommend them!
Lorraine Sahlie
Lorraine Sahlie
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My grandson told me about radon and said I should have my home checked. He researched and found this company with a discounted price for the test. They came right out and placed their equipment. The gentleman was very polite and informative. When he came back a couple days later I was happy to learn that my home had very low levels of radon. He said there was nothing for me to do at this time but I should check it every couple years. I would recommend this company and the nice fellow who came out.